In college, I stumbled into a photography class. In that class I was given the ability to create anything my imagination conjured. I found my calling. Since, I have gained over six years of experience as a freelance commercial photographer, where I have garnered a diverse portfolio through work for ad agencies, leading publications of North Louisiana, and national product campaigns. In Ruston, I developed a good sense of what made the city tick. I became a pioneer in marketing multiple city initiatives. One of those initiatives was my own creation, Ruston Fashion Week. There was a need for a creative company in Ruston. Answering that need, I created FoxHunt Creative Co. LLC. This company that ultimately invigorated my want to grow my craft beyond the confines of a small town, to a larger opportunity that industry work could specifically offer. My philosophy? Learn something from every shoot, advance my craft each day, and provide clients with innovative ways to sell their passion.